It’s a sad sad world

BabyCenter is making the change over to a new board software. The old boards, as a consequence, are in the process of being shut down. As a last thing many are posting about the things they remember most, the good and the bad. Unfortunately, people are taking this opportunity to highlight the bad and not the good.

Most of the threads bumped or linked are ones were people were treated like absolute garbage for their choices in parenting. An entire thread is full of nothing but personal attacks against a member who doesn’t even post anymore, the ultimate in childishness. It’s truly sad that so many negative people are raising children, and even worse, many of them are pregnant with another. It’s even sadder that no one has the guts to stand up and say THIS IS WRONG.

I thought I left high school and all the cliques picking on people who are different than them, I thought I had left the need to go with the crowd, I thought I had left needing to be ‘in’ with the ‘popular kids’ no matter how INCREDIBLY nasty they are.

Guess not.