Vaccines – say WHAT?!

The subject of vaccines seems to come up in a cycle. It comes up before we have our babies, shortly after birth, when they are supposed to be getting them (3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc.), as well as, of course, any time they’re in the news. So, as Emma is now a year old, the issue has come up on her birth board again.

Just for clarification, my decision to NOT vaccinate has NOTHING to do with a possible link with the increase in Autism cases. That’s a post for another day, but in short I believe there are many many reasons for the increase in diagnosis of Autism and I don’t believe that vaccines can be blamed for all of it, if any.

So. Here’s the argument that confuses me the most:

“If you don’t vaccinate your child, you’re putting my child at risk”


If your vaccinated child and my unvaccinated child are at school together, and my child happens to get one of the childhood diseases that vaccines are supposed to protect against, if your child gets it, then doesn’t it stand to reason that your child’s vaccine wasn’t the miracle you thought it was? To me, this emphasizes a reason to NOT vaccinate. If someone is concerned enough about their fully vaccinated child getting sick from my non-vaccinated child, then, to me, that shows that that parent KNOWS that the vaccines are ineffective and unnecessary.

“No, no, it’s because when a child is one, they’re not fully vaccinated, that’s why they can get sick from an unvaccinated child”

Right. Okay. So, you have a chemically-injected unprotected child and I have a chemical-free unprotected child. Well then, I’ll get right on injecting my child with dangerous chemicals just so they can be as UNprotected as your chemical-laden child. Uh huh.

“Well, at least if you vaccinate your child it will reduce their risk of getting sick and reduce the possiblilty that they’ll pass it on to my child”. (who is vaccinated and supposedly protected anyway)


So, in this case somehow my child’s vaccinations will be more effective than your own.

Wait. Why am I injecting chemicals into my child again? Nope. Still can’t figure it out.

Oh right. I’m not!

I have not heard anything yet – that makes sense – that shows that vaccinating my child will protect yours, or that vaccinating your child somehow protects mine. But, if anyone wants to try, feel free 🙂