The fact that I’m writing this on my phone speaks to how profoundly it affects me.

Have you ever noticed that people decide to stop a discussion only when it’s leading away from their beliefs on a subject? Never mind that there are tons of posts that agree with them that are downright NASTY mean.

If the discussion is about circumcision and they’re positive you’re dooming your child to a disgusting, infected penis and HIV, they think the time to stop is right after someone posts that they feel circumcision is unnecessary, not after yet *another* post that circumcision is “a good thing” and that anyone that doesn’t circ is a moron.

If the discussion is about cloth diapers, it’s always after the post about how easy cloth diapering actually is, not after someone says that people that use cloth must go around stinking like poop all the time because their washer can’t *possibly* be clean.

If it’s a discussion about vaccinations, they always want to stop the discussion after solid information showing that vaccinations are dangerous and unnecessary, not after all the posts blaming non-vaccinating parents for their child’s sneeze and saying how they have to vaccinate to protect their child from your child that will kill their child, or some other such absolute nonsense.

I dunno, if you can’t defend your decisions without getting nasty, seems to me you’re probably not that confident in your decision and may need to rethink it, eh?

And, yes, if you think this is pointed at you, it probably is.