The big bad VACCINE post.

I haven’t written anything that could be classified as ‘controversial’ in a while, but really felt the need to write this all out. Facebook status is too short, lol.

You’ve been give fair warning.

My 3 1/2 year old DS (Dear Son for those not familiar with internet acronyms) is vaccinated up to his 18 month vaccinations, minus the varicella. When he got his MMR, he got a rash. Nothing severe, but it started the gears in my head turning. When he was 18 months old I was less than a month from my due date with my daughter. DS was born 2 months early so I knew that DD (Dear Daughter) could come at any time. Since DS had gotten the rash with his MMR (something like only 6% of kids get that rash), I felt it increased his chance of getting the chicken pox from the vaccination. Since I could have a newborn in the house any day, I didn’t feel comfortable with him getting that one. His ped agreed that it was a valid concern, although she was pro-vacc, and didn’t push the varicella vaccination any further.

My 2 year old DD is vaccinated through her 3 month vaccinations. When she was born I was just starting serious vaccination research so she still got her HepB at birth. DH (Damn Dear Husband) brought her in for her 3 month Well Baby check up in our new home state (we moved when she was 3 months old) and got her her 3 month vaccinations at that time. However, she was *6* months old and I was suddenly overwhelmed with the idea of trying to get her caught up. It REALLY got those gears turning and I decided I couldn’t do that to her without a lot more research. He says the reason she got even her 3 month are because I didn’t know he was doing it and that I got mad at him, lol. Possible, but I don’t remember that. I do know that he’s anti-vaccination now, though maybe not as passionately as I am 🙂

My research after seeing how many vaccinations she’d need to ‘catch up’ led me to choose to NOT VACCINATE.

For starters, the CDC would have you believe that vaccinations caused a massive decline in disease. NOT TRUE. Those diseases were already on a massive decline BEFORE THERE WERE VACCINES FOR THEM.


The CDC will also have you believe that vaccines are highly effective. Also NOT TRUE. There are mulitple cases of outbreaks in highly vaccinated areas.


I hate being lied to.

I didn’t feel the risk from exposure to the chemical and biological components of vaccines was outweighed by the not very evident ‘benefits’.

Then I found out something else that cemented my decision further, in ways that NOTHING before had.

I found out that many vaccines were developed by growing the culture on aborted human fetal cells.


True, those abortions happened decades ago, but they happened and the vaccines in use today are from those original cultures. I can’t condone abortion for something that doesn’t seem to be as necessary as TPTB would have you believe. Other vaccines were cultured in cells from other animals, which I’m not that hot on either.

On the health issue, since pro-vaccine people generally believe that non-vaccinated kids are walking time-bombs spreading disease all over the country / world – When we pass a cold, etc. around the house, 99% of the time DH, DS and myself get it the worst and DD’s is milder or she doesn’t get it. Let me say that again. THE MOST VACCINATED GET THE SICKEST AND THE LEAST VACCINATED DOESN’T, NOT the other way around.

I also find it interesting that although both of my children are smart, the least vaccinated is light years ahead of where her more vaccinated brother was at the same age, and way ahead of where she ‘should’ be. Emma is just a couple months past her 2nd birthday and can count to 20, knows her upper and lower case letters by sight, this past week learned her single digit numbers by sight, has known her colors for a very long time, and in some ways is more articulate than her brother who is 19 months OLDER, but more vaccinated. When Eion was her age we were still counting his words and he had about 20-30. I never bothered to count Emma’s.

Coincidence? Probably, but I can’t help but wonder.