Measles… again.

Another article blaming those who don’t vaccinate is making the rounds. Most of the time I try to stay away, but there are too many things NOT being said this time to do so, IMO.

Here is the article:

Measles Outbreak Traced Back To A Single Unvaccinated Child

To add to the ever-growing list of examples that highlight the necessity of vaccination, a new study published in Pediatrics has demonstrated that the source of the 2011 outbreak of measles in Minnesota was an unvaccinated child that contracted the infection whilst visiting Kenya.

Let’s look at what *is* being said, but break it down a little:

According to the study, 16 out of the 21 cases were not vaccinated, 9 of whom were age-eligible for the MMR. Of these 9 individuals, 7 were not vaccinated because of safety concerns.

So, here are the numbers broken down a bit more.

5 were vaccinated.

7 were not age-eligible for vaccination (likely too young)

7 were not vaccinated due to safety concerns (this gets turned into them not being able to be vaccinated due to medical reasons, but that is NOT stated, so the reason may be NOT medical)

This leaves 2 that were not vaccinated for unknown reasons.

5+7+7+2 = 21. Just so we’re clear.

Let’s look at the first one.

*5* were vaccinated. That means, of the 21 that were infected, almost 25%, that’s 1/4, were vaccinated and got sick anyway. With that alone, it questions whether this article would be passed around so hotly or even exist if it had been a VACCINATED individual that had traveled to Kenya, been infected, and brought the virus back. This case alone shows it is absolutely possible.

Now, let’s talk about the circumstances of infection.


This family traveled with an unvaccinated child (others in the family were also among those infected upon return, although reports don’t talk about if those individuals were also on the initial trip) to an area of the world where measles is still a large problem.

Here’s some more numbers.

First off, this occurred in 2011, so let’s look at some 2011 numbers, or as close as can be found.

Kenya’s reported measles cases for 2011: 3,554      Kenya’s population in 2011: 38.6 million (taken from 2009)             92 cases / million people

USA’s reported measles cases for 2011: 222            USA’s population in 2011: 308.7 million (taken from 2010 census)    0.72 cases / million people

See the difference? Believe it or not, most people who research and choose not to vaccinate for whatever reason, are also smart enough to know better than to travel to a country with such a high incidence of measles. In this incidence, that was not the case.

My main point? Well, I have two I guess.

1. This ‘outbreak’ could just as likely have been caused by a person traveling to Kenya who was vaccinated and got sick anyway, and I’m pretty sure THAT article would have been written off as a fluke.

2. I’m not planning on traveling to any 3rd world countries with my unvaccinated children any time soon, and neither are most people who choose not to vaccinate.

We’re not the devil.

We’re just parents doing what we feel is best for our children, JUST LIKE YOU.


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