I am speechless!

In 2012 I wrote a post detailing our experience in trying to get an exemption for the childcare on base when we were at Hill AFB in Utah. Emma was  almost 3 and Eion was 4. It had been such a detailed experience that I wanted to ‘map it out’, so to speak, for anyone going through it in the future (even though it wound up being much more complicated that it really should have been).

Military Vaccine Exemptions for Children

(spoiler alert, it was APPROVED)

We only wound up using the CDC (Child Development Center, not Center for Disease Control…) maybe a handful of times. Since then, we have moved to Japan (no issues with PCSing overseas, vaccines were barely even mentioned), my kids have started public school (no issues with the DoDEA school there, one sentence stating “We do not vaccinate for religious reasons” on the DoDEA Form 2492), have had to see military doctors (no pressures there) and have moved back to the states (where the kids are, again, registered in a public school with a simple state exemption form).

The biggest issue in the last 4 years since that ordeal with the CDC has been when Eion got a nasty gash on his forehead at a GoCart track last weekend. The ER nurses really were worried that he had not had a tetanus shot.


On a regular basis I get emails notifying me that someone has commented on that post. I’m amazed and humbled that 4+ years later that post still gets so much attention!

I was curious and looked at the stats for just that post. Since I first posted it, it has had over 900 views! Now, I know that those views can be misleading. Multiple views by the same people but on different days, multiple views by the same people but on different IP addresses (phone vs computer, etc.), but still.

In March 2016, that’s just 2 months ago, it had the highest views in one month at 249.

I feel bad some times that I’m not more active on this blog. I rarely post anymore just due to life. Then I see another comment request and I don’t feel bad any more. One of the things I feel the strongest about is still out there and still reaching people.

I call that good.